title. Fullscreen #childhoodingwithVRV

date. 09.07.2018

city. Santa Monica, CA

scope. design | mgmt | fabrication | tech | rentals


In Fall of 2018 in LA and NYC, we were tasked with creating spaces that revived 90’s Saturday morning’s with Childhooding with VRV - a celebration of newly available throwback programming from Nickelodeon on WB!  We fabricated Instagrammable spaces including a 9’ cereal bowl and a 12’ cereal bar for guests to engage and enjoy in two cities within unique spaces all facilitated by AKJOHNSTON.


Throwing it back to the 90’s, the space was completed with bright pink blow up lounges, a 90’s-inspired bedroom wall displaying glow-in-the-dark stars, posters and skate decks and classic games. Guests loved the feeling of nostalgia as they ate a bowl of cereal and played Hungry Hungry Hippos and Battleship.