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AKJOHNSTON and ESPN collaborated to produce an unforgettable post-party for the ESPYs, celebrating the event's 30th anniversary alongside the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. The fusion of sports and Hip Hop culture, symbolizing the pursuit of greatness, created an electric atmosphere that attracted the finest in the sports industry.

The stage itself was a grand tribute to the ESPYs and Hip Hop, featuring a series of large and varying-sized arches adorned with neon accents. An impactful LED screen served as the backdrop, transforming the stage into a mesmerizing digital art installation. Above it, a magnificent sixty-inch golden ESPYS logo mirrored the Arch Bar, exuding an air of prestige. The stage design incorporated a DJ booth immersed into an inverted arch on stage right.

Opposite the stage, the Arch Bar acted as a captivating and inviting gathering spot, beautifully designed with a u-shaped arch facade highlighted by neon accents. This area provided a space for engagement, capturing remarkable content, and offering custom cocktails with sports-centric names in partnership with our sponsors.

Outside the venue, we installed a custom fabricated 'spin around' bar for main sponsor Simply Spiked, complementing the branding on the main bar within the ballroom.

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