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DRIVEN: A Celebration of LatinX Artists

With five weeks between concept and load-in, our creative team conceptualized how to showcase nine LatinX artists in the center of Hollywood by taking notes from the pandemic: Put people in their cars and send them on a road trip!

At the heart of Hollywood, the iconic Palladium theatre facade and back parking lots were transformed with over twenty trucks of mulch, greens, and custom fabrications to send motorists on a journey through Mexico and Central America. Artists were discovered from those regions with art displays curated by MOLAA and Art of Elysium. The journey began with guests experiencing a contactless check-in and registration from staff that had been COVID tested daily. There, guests started in a clean, modern Hyundai queueing area until their journey would begin. Once they began their journey, an LED tunnel and emcee welcomed them to the experience with a curated FM playlist and they were on their way! Multiple scenes of various climates were along the way, along with six displayed vehicles and nine art displays.

A nighttime experience was also brought to life with over 300 light fixtures disguised as 20’ tall trees to light the backlot over the four-day run.

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