title. JR Watkins - Expo West Booth

date. 03.05.19 - 03.09.19

city. Anaheim, CA

scope. design | mgmt | fabrication | logistics


JR Watkins came to AKJ with the need for a booth that would reflect the new and refreshed branding launch. To design an apothecary retail store our team used traditional materials such as white brick and wood shelving and paired this with modern gloss whites and marbles. By using a sleek black floor the contrast of the booth was able to really stand out. However, the most important aspect of this booth was showcasing the product itself, so, we lit each shelf individually and created stylized pockets with floral accents. To allow guests the opportunity to experience all the scents of JR Watkins, we created a custom scent bar displaying six diffusers under bell jars. Storage was thoughtfully integrated and gave brand ambassadors access to additional product in an efficient manner.