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YSL Beauty Station & Pop Up

What had begun as a simple stunt of an extension of the YSL Beauty Hotel during weekend one of Coachella, quickly grew to include an 80’ pop-up store, impressive and immersive set dressing, a half-acre balloon field, billboard, and a 25’ high neon lipstick monolith - all for the Insta!

With only three weeks to build, we quickly scaled our involvement to fabricate fixtures, props, signage, and large format fabrications that needed to withstand 130MPH wind, 120-degree temperatures, and even rain. The result was incredible, sparking international press and exposure for the four days of our activation. Not only did YSL capture incredible photo and video campaign media, but the station then opened to the public and quickly thereafter became a viral sensation.

Our pop-up store was a hit: hosting beauty stations, custom engraved cosmetics, a bar, and even a YSL Beauty vending machine for guests to enjoy. Of course, no one could have predicted that this would be the most successful pop-up store in YSL’s history with higher sales by period and sales per square foot over the course of the long weekend!

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