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Love, Victor (Hulu)

To celebrate Pride Month and the release of Season 2 of Hulu’s Love, Victor, Hulu tapped AKJOHNSTON Group to create iridescent closets that guests are able to photograph, boomerang, or even physically come out of when we are in their town or at Disneyland Resort to celebrate Pride and the courage it takes to live an authentic life.

At the end of “Love, Victor” season one, our charming lead takes a big, brave step in his life and comes out as his authentic self. The Hulu and AKJOHNSTON Group’s activation honors and amplifies the many different shades of love and self-expression that the LGBTQ+ community embodies. On Friday, June 11th - 2021, the cast of Love, Victor caught up with the Santa Monica activation and met with fans and members of the press community in celebration of the sophomore season release.

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